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In 2011, faced with a dilapidated and increasingly dangerous play structure at Willamette Manor city park, the WKNA took on the project to replace it. With the Keizer Parks Foundation, a private non-profit, WKNA lobbied the Parks Advisory Board and City Council to place the play structure first on their priority funding list. With a generous donation from Highway Fuel Company, it worked. Dedication and celebration of the structure  was Tuesday, 25 June.

KRP drawingFollowing up on Keizer City Council's decision to delay the community build at Keizer Rapids Park until next June, the West Keizer Neighborhood Association will convene a special meeting 12 June to discuss the park's master plan. While the focus of the delay is on the Big Toy and the ongoing "discussion" about where to site it within the park, everyone acknowledges the desperate need to update the park's master plan in order to bring development back under control rather than continue in the ad hoc manner that has recently been the norm.

Big Toy concept

The big deal at this point is dealing with the hazelnut orchard (located in the dagger-like portion of the drawing above) that is being brought into the city's urban growth boundary and made part of the park. Urgency developed when Mayor Christopher declared her desire to site the Toy adjacent to Chemawa Rd at the top of the orchard. While all of the interested parties have acceded to Keizer's application to bring the orchard land into the UGB as part of the park, the addition of the land completely discombobulates whatever vision residents of Keizer had for the park at its inception.

The park is a major feature of the West Keizer Neighborhood and its proper development will have a significant impact on our neighbors who live in its shadow. Be sure to join us 12 June for this important meeting. The matter is so important that we are convening this meeting outside of our regularly-scheduled ones just so that we can provide the best input into the master plan that will play such a big role in the enjoyment we all have in living in West Keizer.

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